Friday, May 1, 2009

Windows 7 for Christmas '09?

We haven't really covered the new Windows OS here, mainly due to the fact that everything right now just seems to be rumours. However, one rumour which interests me is this:

Apparently, Windows will be shipping the new OS, titled Windows 7 by Christmas 2009. This is good news because it means those of you who have decided to stick to XP and skip Vista altogether can almost guarantee that they won't have to wait until 2010 to make the switch. OK, now I know Xmas 2009 isn't exactly far from 2010, in fact, it's only 6 days earlier. But obviously, this means it will be released before Xmas for starters, and it also means those who decide they want a new computer or laptop can sleep comfortably knowing it will have Windows 7 pre-installed for them. So really, this is making great use of time.


What I mean is, if you're getting a computer for Xmas, you might as well have 7 already installed, because when Xmas is over and done with, you need to save and save in order to afford simple things again, never mind such luxuries as this.